An Overview of IBM BPM

Notes from a short technical presentation on IBM BPM 1. BPM and BPMS Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to making an organization’s processes more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. A Business process management suite (BPMS) is a software platform on which BPM can be delivered. […]

Finding the “Goldilocks” improvement project

In BPM and process improvement the motto is, don’t make just any change, make the right change. How do you select just the right initiative? When you’re starting a BPM journey, you want to get this right – you need the Goldilocks project!   I’m sure you’ve seen it before, as I have:- organisations who […]

BPM – build your supporter network

A few years back I was struggling to “sell” the concept of better business performance, by better process management. And I really wanted to implement a tool to support it, allowing the business  to have access to & improve how they did things in incremental steps, as their process maturity grew.   I had an […]

3 tips to make BPM stick

One of the questions people ask me before I start a project, is how do you make BPM stick? How do you engage the staff and make sure that improved process is followed?   Well, there are lots of different ways. I could be glib & say with a big stick, but the flip side […]

When a bigger hammer isn’t better – What BPM tool do you use?

Back in the ‘90s, I was involved in a large transformation program. It was back then I started in my process improvement journey.   I was working at a large Insurer and working with business people in their area of expertise. The SMEs (that was the first time I’d heard that term), my colleague and […]

BPM Tip #1 – selling BPM

We’ve all heard the definition of insanity, yeah?  Keep doing the same things over & over, expecting different results.   CEOs constantly challenge others to “…improve the bottom line”. Frequently, businesses follow their processes, targets are met, profits are OK, but still the challenge is to deliver more. Sounds like insanity is winning!   When […]

Latest Jenkins Newsletter – Fall 2013

The latest Jenkins newsletter, Continuous Information, has just been released. Its a great source for All Things Jenkins. To check it out, visit this link   Why not subscribe to the newsletters here   Or you can keep visiting our Blog – you never know what else you might find!  

Neo4j Tutorial Sydney – 27 September

Join us  for an introductory tutorial covering the core functionality of the Neo4j graph database. We will show you how to build a Neo4j-backed application with plenty of hands on practice! Plus we will walk through what you need to know to get started with Neo4j and the fundamentals of graph modelling. You can find […]

BPM Tip # 2 – Design

When you think BPM, what do you really mean? More jargon? A philosophy? A system? What is BPM?   There’s a heap of vigorous discussions being had the world over, but what it really means, is Business Process Management – a way for a business to know & manage what they do, so that they get […]

BPM – where do you start

When you are charged with making a difference, where do you really start? Can you really get something in, started & embedded in your organisation at a relatively low cost?   I think back to organisations I’ve worked with, and realised that’s exactly what I’d been brought in to do. And I knew what I […]

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