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Next Generation BPMS

When reading the 2010 Forrester Wave Report for BPMS there were a couple of take aways for me, but the main one being the considerations for what is required in a BPMS. One titled ‘Next-Generation BPM Suites Empower Process Owners, Business Users, And Customers’ and the other on how to select a BPMS (‘Which BPM […]

Taking a BPM approach to BPO

Centrum recently attended the first meeting of the soon to be established Australian Business Process Outsourcing Association (ABPOA). We approached the concept with tentative interest, as we were not entirely sure how our approach to BPM would align to the goals and aspirations of the BPO association. It emerges that there are actually some very […]

Implementing Maven in a Legacy Code Base

It’s your first day with a new company or client. The usual things happen; you get introduced to everyone, shown where the toilets and fire stairs are located, pointed towards your desk, allocated a PC and login to the corporate network. Everything is going fine you login successfully, email works and you start to configure […]

Process Discovery: Whiteboards are cool but is there a tool?

Running a successful process discovery workshop is a dark art, it’s not everyone’s cup of coffee. It requires an ability to grasp concepts quickly, patience and most importantly a strong will – to keep at the participants on track. It’s not just a matter of standing in front of a whiteboard and drawing some pretty […]

Sometimes paper is just better

Being part of a new environment and meeting new people gives us a different perspective on things.  Let me tell you how I rediscovered paper (as well as handwriting). I have been practising Scrum and Scrumbut for a few years now and I always had an online tool to help along.  Being guided by the “Go Paperless” slogan, […]

Environment Management in the Cloud – The whole kit and caboodle

This is the first in our “living in the clouds” series of posts. Over the past months we have moved from a traditional infrastructure, hosted on our own physical servers to a cloud based infrastructure. This is our story.… In this post I’ll talk about what has been the most challenging (and possibly rewarding) part. […]